Hello! I'm Adam

I have over 15 years of experience using design and design thinking to solve big problems in novel ways. Over my career I've worn many hats and been fortunate enough to be a part of some amazing projects all over the world.

In my past lives I've been a production glassblower, I was part of the team that invented the Park(let), I helped launch the Studio for Public Spaces at the Exploratorium, and was the Founder + Product Lead of a YC Combinator Company building software for UX Researchers.

I'm a recent transplant to Salem, Massachusetts (from San Francisco) and am getting reacquainted with my East Coast roots (originally from Connecticut). When I'm not on the computer designing things, you can probably find me travelling with my fiance, on a walk with our 2 dogs, or watching How It's Made.

I love to learn - about people, their problems, new skills, or random trivia. I'm always diving deep into something so shoot me a note and let's connect!
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