Adam Green

I'm currently a Lead Product Designer, Growth @ Reforge
I'm also a glassblower, ultra-marathoner, former founder, Spotify artist, travel nut, and How It's Made enthusiast.
I'm an INFJ, endlessly curious, low-ego, and all about fixing problems.
I've been told I'm a lot of fun to work with 😊

Reforge | 2022

Coming Soon

Optimizing Reforge's primary acquisition loop.

Revamped Reforge's Snapshot feature, driving sign-ups by 379%.

Reforge | 2022

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Improving Reforge's pre-member experience.

Conducted experiments based on user feedback and removed barriers to drive paid memberships.

User Hero | 2020

Helping user researchers process interviews faster.

Designed + built a research platform from scratch in four months and reached #3 on Product Hunt.

Public Recreation | 2017

Building a new model for class based fitness.

Built a fitness platform for underutilized spaces, accepted to Y Combinator Summer 2018.

Reforge | 2023

Coming Soon

Overhauling Reforge's Pricing and Packaging

Led a design team to deliver the extremely complex pivot of Reforge's new pricing model.

Workout Daily | 2019

Coming Soon

Creating habits with new workouts texted daily.

Designed and built an app during covid that texted users a new, short, at home workout everyday.

Workout Daily | 2019

Coming Soon

Improving Workout Daily's sign up conversion rate.

Analyzed and optimized app's sign-up flow, resulting in a 3x sign up -> paid conversion rate.

Exploratorium | 2017

Community-led design to revitalize a troubled park.

Collaborated with residents to transform Buchanan Mall into a safe, green, and vibrant neighborhood center

Rebar | 2007

Coming Soon

Repurposing parking spots to democratize public spaces

Finding a loophole and sparking a movement by turning parkings spaces into tiny parks.

Exploratorium | 2015

Coming Soon

Immersive experiences for Jewel Changi Airport.

Led the development and design of interactive exhibits for the $1.5 billion terminal connector.

Independent Exercise | 2016

Finding the most instagram-able spots

Using the five day design sprint framework to help people find the most instagram-able spots near them.